An award-free blog

I’ve taken the decision not to accept any blogging awards on Shaking the Tree because I can’t commit the time to engage with these awards fully.

I really like the concept of sharing recognition of each other’s work, and I believe the most important aspect of that sharing is responding to the requirements of the award fully.

Instead, I would like to informally share those blogs and posts which delight, move and inspire me – in my own way and in my own time.

I hope no-one will take offense at this decision.

Ngā mihi nui (my best wishes)


2 thoughts on “An award-free blog

  1. my father William Kerr McGinn was lost on the Shera he knew of the fault in the Shera and so did the rest of the crew he left a wife and two boys ages 1 and 2 that never got a mention wonder why? I’m the only surviving son. but my hear aches when I think of what they have done and the hardship they left for my brother and myself to endure.
    thank you David M N McGinn

    • David, thank you so much for getting in touch. I have often thought about the families of other Shera crew members. I can hardly begin to imagine what your mother must have suffered, hearing the news and knowing that the ship wasn’t really sea-worthy. And to raise two small sons, knowing their father was taken under such terrible circumstances. I felt angry and disgusted reading the official report and time hasn’t really diminished that. It was very clear from the testimony of the three survivors that all on-board knew that the Shera was unstable. Thank you again. Cheers, Su.

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