Random moment of delight: on the joy of small serendipities

From the "Shorts" column of the latest Fife Family History Society Journal.

From the “Shorts” column of the latest Fife Family History Society Journal.

The focus of my searching lately has been on the Elder branch of my family; my paternal grandmother’s line. It began with the realisation that my great grandfather, Thomas Elder shared a birthday with one of my brothers, and morphed into a bit of musing about how long my ancestors had lived in Dysart, Fife.

Last weekend I traced the Elder line back to the end of the 18th century – and the family of Isobel Dryburgh, my 5x great grandmother who married one of many Thomas Elders – back to the beginning of that century.

Today my copy of the Fife Family History Journal arrived and, flicking through it I found the text above. It confirms a lot of what I’ve discovered about the Elders, but also gives me some new information. First of all, it seems that the Thomas Elder who was my 4x great grandfather served in the Fife Militia during the Napoleonic Wars, and secondly it the article states that he was married in Edinburgh – despite both he and his wife being resdents of Wemyss Parish, and their marriage appearing in that OPR. Finally, I know that the Fifeshire Advertiser carried a story about the couple in September 1864.

So now I have some new avenues for my research; but it’s late, so maybe tomorrow. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy this random moment of delight.

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