On finding out how deep my Fife roots actually go

place of birth pedigree chart su leslie

Pedigree chart, by ancestor place of birth.

After reading Amberly’s post (at thegenealogygirl) about creating a pedigree chart based on ancestors’ place of birth, I commented that mine would be pretty monochrome. All of the ancestors I’ve traced were born in Scotland, and even if I broke birthplace down by county, I’d still only have four colours; one each for Fife, Perthshire, Angus and Banffshire.

So I’ve gone to village level; back to my 3x great grandparents. And even then twenty four out of the thirty eight ancestors whose birthplaces are known to me were born in what is now Kirkcaldy, Fife. This includes Dysart, Abbotshall, Gallatown, and Kirkcaldy itself — an area of about seven square miles.

Su Leslie Birthplace Pedigree Chart Template (pdf file, in case anyone is interested).

Now I’m off to try and fill in the missing birthplace information. I may have to change my colour scheme though; I’m running out of shades of Fife green.


17 thoughts on “On finding out how deep my Fife roots actually go

  1. That is pretty remarkable. Mine is almost half German, the rest a combination. I did this a few weeks ago when it was raging through Facebook!

    • It’s a cool exercise. When I mentioned it to my son, he suggested I just get a map of Kirkcaldy and put pins in it for all the ancestors who are from there. Then he thought about it and said “better get a really big map though.”

        • I have been so hopeless lately! But I have to say that seeing all the blanks where I didn’t have places of birth has really inspired me to set some time aside this weekend to do some research. It’s a long weekend here; to commemorate NZ war dead, so I’ll have a whole extra day to do research.

        • I hope you get a chance. It struck me the other day how many of the genealogy blogs I follow have become inactive or at least produce very few posts. I guess people burn out, but I miss reading some of my favorites like yours, Pancho’s, Alex’s Root to Tips, Stephen’s Lives of Our Ancestors, etc. I wonder if that will eventually happen to me… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        • I think I just hit so many brick walls, and combined with a lack of time, felt that I had nothing to write about. I hope you don’t burn out; I’ve come to feel that I really know your family. ๐Ÿ™‚

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