7 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: just having some father-son time

      • I still have my son for another couple of years until he finishes EIT. Then he is gone. Then I will have to think of moving into a smaller home. I am starting to think ahead. I have to so I don’t fall apart when he does go.

        • My boy is very keen to strike out on his own, although I suspect he will find it much harder than he thinks! The Big T and I are really keen to leave Auckland, so one way or another, and the boy wants to go to Auckland Uni, so one way or another I think this could be the last year we’re all together. I have very mixed feelings about it; one one hand I’m really pleased my son is so independent, but on the other, he is very good company and I will miss his humour and his perspective on life. Do you think your son might want to work locally after EIT and could stay at home for a bit longer?

        • No, he wants to move out of Hastings. We are a small city and the job opportunities are going to be limited for what he wants to do. He was thinking of quitting his part time job and moving in with friends in Napier. But we sat down and worked out the logistics of that. He couldn’t afford to live on his student allowance without a job. Not to mention the fact that he is doesn’t have to do much in the way of house work. I do that because he is hardly ever home. So he has now decided to stay with me until he is finished and then move on. I will work towards finding a smaller place to live. I should have a settlement from my ex and hopefully it would be enough for a small 2 bedroom low maintenance home in Napier. I need to get out of Hastings.

  1. It is sobering for them when they work out how much independence costs! I can understand wanting to get away from the place your ex lives. Hopefully in the next couple of years everything will fall into place, you will get your settlement and find somewhere to make a fresh start.

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