Travel theme: laughter

The boy-child, aged 8, shares a joke with two of his London-based cousins. He will seen them again in a few weeks when we visit the UK again as a family for the first time in nine years. Photo: Tony Gray, 2006.

The boy-child, aged 8, sharing a joke with two of his London-based cousins. Photo: Tony Gray, 2006.

In life, we travel through time as well as place, and laughter is a good companion on these journeys.

It’s been almost nine years since our little family travelled together to the UK; the place of both mine and the boy-child’s birth. But the tickets are booked, and we leave in a month for a holiday that will include San Fransisco, Munich and Bordeaux as well as England. We’re excited to be visiting friends and relatives; and though we know we will won’t have enough time with these (geographically) distant members of our whanau, we hope for lots of laughter and new memories to keep us company until the next visit.

This post was written as part of Ailsa’s Travel Theme at Where’s my Backpack. You can find out more here.

13 thoughts on “Travel theme: laughter

        • Very good point! It’s just soooo hard to know I’ll only be a few hours drive from records and gravestones , etc that could help my research and not be able to access them. It’s so far from NZ to the UK and i don’t make that many trips. But this one is about my boys and celebrating their birthdays in places they want to go to. It might be the last time we all holiday together now the boy-child is almost grown-up.

        • Yes, cherish these memory-making trips. It’s important for them as well as for the parents. And the dead ancestors will still be in their graves the next time!

    • Oddly, none of them are on mine. San Fransisco is definitely a city I love and haven’t been to for a long time. London is a bit like going home, and the others are my boys’ choices. I’m excited about the trip, but will have to start planning another to take in my “bucket list” places. πŸ™‚

  1. I just checked the date on this post and realized it is already a few weeks old. That means you are getting ready to leave soon! How exciting!! I hope you’ll be posting stories along the way πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Joanne. I hope so too. One of my son’s main requirements of accommodation is free wifi; so we’ll see how we go (otherwise I’ll end up blowing my daily data allowance hot-spotting him while he updates his instagram a/c).
      Just under two weeks til we leave and I’m starting to worry about detail (should I empty and unplug the fridges before we go? Do I need new boots?) Oh well, all part of the fun πŸ™‚

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