Wordless Wednesday: making family memories

The Big T and I at NZ Sculpture OnShore. The event has involved the whole family - the Big T took a turn as event go-fer last weekend and the boy child has been taking photos. Including this one.

The Big T and me at NZ Sculpture OnShore. In the end, the event has involved our whole family. The boy-child has found himself being roped in as a photographer, as did the Big T at the Gala last week. He’s even done a shift as an event go-fer. Photo: the Boy-Child.

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: making family memories

  1. Photography is still my favourite invention. How much more interesting if we could have photos further back in time for our family histories. Maybe I’m unlucky as our family did not have a camera until 1965. I use the camera everyday now to record the daily bits and pieces.

    • Hm. I’m torn between the camera and the expresso machine :-)! I love photography too and wish I had more old photos. My partner’s family is awash with brilliant old shots, but on my side, it’s really limited. Still, I have a few older cousins and aunts with memories to share and I am very grateful for that.

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