18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: picturing my mother in another time

  1. Hm; some good snapshots, a studio portrait taken for work (very 90’s, very shoulder-pads), but nothing arty. Think I’ve always preferred to be behind the camera πŸ™‚

  2. What a lovely picture! There is so much interesting detail in it – as mentioned earlier, the front vs the back view of my mom, but also the dresser itself with the trifold mirror and the interesting little bottle on it. Very nice!

    • Hi Joanne. Thank you. I was puzzling over the little bottle; as a child I used to play at my mum’s dressing table, so I knew all of the things on it. I realised, looking at the shot again, that it’s not a bottle. It is a candle-holder. It had (I think) a wide enamelled base, three curved arms that went up to the little cup that holds a candle. I’m sure there were two of them, and I bet the other is obscured by my mum’s left arm in the shot.

        • So did mine; and it was so confusing for me. But kind of cool too because it really took me back to childhood and sitting at the dressing table. I remembered smells and textures as well, and that was really nice. πŸ™‚

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