Six Word Saturday: sleepless night to achieve those curls?

Margaret Johnson and Mary Dove. c. 1938. Photo: Dove-Gray family archives.

The image is labelled “Margaret Johnson and Mary Dove. c. 1938”. Mary Dove was the Big T’s aunt, but I don’t know who Margaret Johnson was. Photo: Dove-Gray family archives.



6 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: sleepless night to achieve those curls?

    • Thanks Margaret-Rose; the Dove family certainly took some wonderful photos! My family history obsession (and you’re right, it is an obsession) probably dates from two key things; my grandmother dying, and studying for a library degree — where I got side-tracked into an interest in archives. my gran was the last of her generation and when she died, so did a huge amount of family history. Although I’d spent lots of time with her and heard lots of family stories, I’d never really asked questions. Now there is so much I want to know, and no-one to ask. I’m trying to document my family so that when my son (or maybe even his kids if he has any) start to wonder about their family past, they won’t be in the same situation. I’m also learning a lot about myself and it’s changing my sense of identity quite a lot. F’rinstance … I’ve got about 500 people in my family tree so far, and about 90% of them were born in the same half dozen villages in Fife, Scotland. The whole county of Fife is smaller than the metropolitan area of Sydney, and virtually my whole past is located in a small portion of that. I find that mind-boggling (even more so that I haven’t yet found any cousin marriages!!!) Oops, sorry about the rant. Here endeth the lesson 🙂

    • I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re probably right. I remember my mother going to bed at night in rollers – and doing the same to me the night before I was going to be a bridesmaid. Agony!

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