From Leicester to Gore: three generations

Arthur, Thomas and John Dove. Father, son and grandfather. Photo: Dove-Gray families archive.

Arthur, Thomas and John Dove. Father, son and grandfather. Born in Leicester, England, John Dove emigrated with his wife Mary Maria to New Zealand in the 1890s. Arthur was born in Dunedin, and farmed in near Gore, Southland after his marriage to Isabella Lietze. Their son Thomas Dove was born in 1924. Photo taken on Dove family farm, Waikaka Valley, Southland, NZ: Dove-Gray families archive.



4 thoughts on “From Leicester to Gore: three generations

  1. I can not help but think how brave these people were to start again in a new country. My Grandmother was born in 1901 and she never left her village! I am not sure that I understand the reference to Leicester, but that me be me being stupid.

  2. Hi Karen. No you’re not being stupid; I’m being obscure. This was meant to link it another post about the Dove family emigrating from Leicester to New Zealand. But I had computer problems and that post hasn’t been finished.

    I am also awed by the courage of early settlers. All of my partner’s ancestors arrived in New Zealand in the 19th century. The trip took almost two months from the UK and they had no idea what they were coming to. My family emigrated in 1967; three days by air and a job and house waiting for us. It was materially easier, but emotionally difficult – especially for my mother. I can only imagine how much more difficult for these women of earlier generations,

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