22 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: more family photos from my mum

    • Thanks, yes — scan, catalogue and post. What I really noticed in this batch is how much I look like my mother, grandmother, great grandmother. I think that might be the first post! It’s also great to have a few photos of my dad.

        • They arrived in the post yesterday from my mum. I’d asked if she had any of my dad, and she sent a “bonus” of others too. We’re both feeling a bit annoyed with my brother who has “lost” quite a few family photos he was given (my parents’ wedding photos amongst them), so mum is giving them to me to archive properly.

        • I know that feeling. My mother had a notebook with notes written by her father, brother, sister and her, and she seems to have misplaced it. GRRR

    • Thank you Doda; I feel very privileged to have become the family archivist. I can’t wait to scan and catalogue these images so I can share them with other members of the family – and on my blog πŸ™‚ I hope you are having a good weekend.

  1. Treasure indeed and more material to sift through and weigh up- adjusting your perspective as you go. So much can be read from a photo and sometimes, of course it is all we have.
    I follow your journey with interest, as always.-Karen.

    • That’s so true. Every photo (and new bit of information) is a building block that changes the shape of the story that we construct. Each bit that’s added changes the view. Thank you Karen, for lovely, thoughtful words and your kind thoughts. Su πŸ™‚

    • Thank you; scanning and copying them seems the best way to preserve them. That way I can share with my siblings too.

  2. How do you scan, Su Leslie? Are you twice scanning at high resolution – once for “as is” and then a second time with software correction before patching them up? And how do you “keep” the images? I have the images on my hard drive, yes, but upload them at full rez to the cloud. I had decided not to copy them to a thumb drive because some time in the very near future, those thumb drives, too, will become obsolete or fail…

    • I scan once at high resolution and leave the master image with all the flaws. If photos need repair, I do that on a copy with photo editing software. Everything in stored on my hard-drive and on an external hard-drive. I’m looking at cloud storage too, partly for safety and partly to share them with siblings, etc. Cheers, Su.

      • First of all, my apologies! I had always thought “Su Leslie” was your name, not your full name! Please forgive me…

        And thank you for your reply!

        For cloud storage and for free, I (reluctantly) am staying with “flickr.com” (no “e”). The website had undergone some unpopular changes in the past year; neverthless, you can have up to one TERRABYTE of free storage. Even with the bazillion photos I have, I have not even used 10% of the allotment. You can also upload them as “private”, meaning no one in the public venue can see them. You can still share them by sending links to your family.

  3. Please don’t apologise! Ever since I shortened “Susan” to “Su” *(about 35 years ago), I’ve been confusing people. I could write a book about the permutations of naming I’ve experienced. I turned up once to be billeted at someone’s house (when I was a student) and totally flustered the poor woman by NOT being a Chinese man called Leslie Su. She had been planning to put me in the same bedroom as her teenaged son :-).

    Thanks for the advice on flickr. I think I have an account, but I haven’t really used it. I must get on to this; I have so many photos now from my mum that I couldn’t bear to lose.

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