Wordless Wednesday: faces to names

The Ramsay sisters - and brother with their partners.

The Ramsay sisters – and brother, with their partners.

Marriage doesn’t necessarily introduce new names into the family; my mum and her siblings with their partners.

Back row left-right: James, William, Ron, David, David. Front row left-right: Sandra, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Elizabeth. Missing from photo, Margaret and Erl.



8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: faces to names

    • I know; didn’t they all look so happy. I’m wondering who was taking the photo – or whether it was on a timer. Both my dad (in the middle) and Uncle Bill (immediately left of Dad) were passionate photographers.

  1. I love this photo! Look at those smiles and their body language, it all looks good! Is this taken in the 60’s? And which one is your Mum? I have to say, I only have to see those cotton dresses and little cardigans and I feel so happy.-Karen.

    • Hi Karen. Thanks, it is one of my favourite photos of my parents. I don’t know when it was taken, but I think probably the mid-late 1950s. My Uncle David and Aunt Betty (far right) emigrated to Rhodesia in about 1955-56 and I don’t think they travelled back to the UK in the first few years there. My parents (in the centre – Mum’s wearing the white belted dress and Dad is behind her in the dark blazer) were married in 1956 and while it looks like my dad is wearing a wedding ring, I think it’s actually a signet ring because I don’t remember him wearing a wedding ring when we were growing up. There’s no date on the photo, so I’ll have to ask my mum. I do love the dresses though – wish I could see them in colour!

    • Thanks; I’m wondering now if they were at some sort of special occasion? One of my aunts is missing, but she didn’t live locally like the others and none of them had cars in those days. Another thing to ask my mum!

  2. Hello Su – I came across your website, thanks to “Google alerts” a feature that emails me anything to do with things that I have marked as “my subject of interest” and appear on the internet. In this case it is “Kennoway” and I am doing a “One Village Study” of Kennoway and recording every BMD that occurred there and hoping to join everybody (more or less) into one great family (with quite a lot of success, albeit I have a long way to go!).
    Google Alerts flagged up an entry on your website about the marriage of Thomas Thomson marrying Cicill (Cecil) Sibbald in Kennoway. I have recorded this event and the birth of 3 sons, Robert b.1695. David b.1705 and James b.1708 (bit of a gap between Robert and David?). You state that they are your 7x great grandparents and would appreciate if you could tell me the connection.
    You have posted a mountain of data about your family and ancestors, and I have enjoyed perusing it over the last couple of days, although it’s not been the easiest of websites to navigate to points of interest. I reckon you have the same incurable disease of Genealogitis that I suffer from, and needless to say I had to chart your family tree in the hope of finding my missing link.
    My Williamson ancestors originated in Kennoway (hence to project) and lived there for centuries. We will most certainly be distant cousins and you are more than welcome to as much as you like from my database, should you wish to add it to your tree (beware I have over 500,000 names recorded!).
    Living in Bonnie Scotland
    PS I note that this blog asks for a website. I don’t have one for my family tree, although I run a small genealogy related business and I have put that in the response box. Don’t worry. I’m not trying to sell you anything, but you might like the website.

    • Hi Leslie. How wonderful to hear from you. I’m out of my office today and don’t have access to my tree but I couldn’t resist replying immediately. My ancestor is a daughter of Thomas Thomson and Cecil Sibbald; also called Cecil. From memory she was born in 1714? She married Thomas Elder and I’m descended from their son Thomas. Although I’m not an Elder, it is my middle name – and my son is called Thomas. Once I get home I’ll send you more accurate info. Cheers, Su

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