12 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: fifty years on

    • Indeed; I’ve been thinking about the photo and I’m sure it was his christening. We had a “family gown” that all the babies wore. There are pictures of me in it, and I know it was sent to NZ specially for my baby brother’s christening in 1970. He’s the youngest grandchild in my mum’s family, so I’m not sure what happened to the gown after that.

  1. You have such a sweet little smile and a sparkle in your eye. I wonder if your Father took the picture? At that time, taking photos was often considered to be man’s work, or at least it was in my family.-Karen.

    • Thank you. Yes my dad was the family photographer! Interesting that, I hadn’t thought about it but photography was “man’s work” wasn’t it? All my uncles had cameras and if mum or my aunts did get hold of them, there were always “jokes” about how bad the photos were! I’m glad that has changed!

      • Yes, that is funny. But it explains the twinkle in your eye. I can see it in the few photos my Dad took of me before he left. I think as little girls we always shone a little brighter for them. The trouble is, because the men took the photos there are very few of them to remember them by.-Karen.

        • I think you’re right. I was very much ” daddy’s girl” when I was little. I was even named after his mother – the only one of us to get the full family name treatment. And it’s true there aren’t that many photos of him. He asked me recently if I had any because he’s unwell and thinking about his funeral. It almost broke my heart. And of course, the only photo of him I do have also have my mum in them, and they’ve been divorced for over 20 years, so I’m not sure my stepmother would want them.

        • That is so difficult. I wonder if any other family members have any of him? I wonder if there is a down side to being a “daddy’s girl”….? My Father seemed to idolise me, but it did not result in us having a close bond and I suspect it was to help him feel better. I may be being unfair. I am still good at smiling and pleasing others though, which served me well when I ran a restaurant!

      • I’m going to ask my brothers if they have any photos, but i’m not optimistic. I know what you mean about wanting to please – I can see myself saying “yes, of course” while the voice in my head is screaming “don’t do it!!!” 🙂

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