Six word Saturday: family mystery about to be solved?

email from LHSA

After reading that the Lothian Health Services Archive held records for the Royal Maternity Hospital, I emailed a request for access to the records of my great, grand aunt who died there shortly after giving birth.  This archive is a wonderful resource for anyone who has had ancestors treated at the many hospitals and other medical facilities in the Lothian area.

I love Lothian Health Services Archive


Lothian Health Services Archive

… holds the historically important local records of NHS hospitals and other health-related material. We collect, preserve and catalogue these records and promote them to increase understanding of the history of health and for the benefit of all. (LHSA website)

12 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: family mystery about to be solved?

    • Thank you Doda. I am also very impressed by how efficient and also helpful the LHSA are; so much better than my dealings with the National Archives in the UK.

    • Isn’t it. The archive is located within the University of Edinburgh, and seems to be very well managed and resourced. I’m so happy to be making progress on this story.

    • No; it really is quite tragic. I don’t know if her baby lived or died yet – I tried to find a birth certificate when I first heard the story, but with no success. What the records from LHSA show is that she was in a home for unmarried mothers; I know that it was probably common practice, but I feel terribly sad for her, especially as I know other members of her family became pregnant out of wedlock. I would like to know why she was unable to marry the father – as her siblings and cousins did when the same thing happened to them!

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