Wordless Wednesday: wee kilted laddie

My great uncle, Stewart Cruden. Studio portrait c. 1915

My great uncle, Stewart Cruden. Studio portrait c. 1915

This is the third separate studio portrait of my great uncle in a kilt. There are others of him posing in little cut-down army uniforms. I don’t know whether this was a fashion in photography at the time, or my great grandparents just loved seeing their kids dressed  up.

Wordless Wednesday is a Geneabloggers prompt.

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10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: wee kilted laddie

  1. What a wonderful photograph! It must have been a challenge getting that little boy all dressed up for a photograph. Or maybe kids were less difficult back then!

    • I wonder that too. I have quite a few photos of that particular little boy all dressed up. He always looks do serious in the photos, perhaps he was scared to step out of line. His mother was my great grandmother and I remember her being quite intimidating. Perhaps he felt the same way.

        • Yes I feel very lucky. When I was little I had three grandparents and a set of great grandparents who all lived close by. One grandfather lived with us for a while before he died. My son also had a great grandmother; my gran died at 98, having also become a great, great grandmother twice over.

  2. With the charm of the old !!!
    Fabulous sepia image,Su ! The young lad seems to enjoy it, I suppose.
    BTW,thanks a million for following my humble blog and for alll the comments and likes.
    Have a brilliant weekend :):):)

    • Thank you Doda. I have really enjoyed the posts on your blog I’ve read so far. I hope you too have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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