Wordless Wednesday: another costume mystery

Another brilliant old photo from the treasure trove given to us by the Big T's aunt. No catalogue entry for this one sadly.

From the treasure trove of photos given to us by the Big T’s aunt.

Another mysterious group of women in costume (see Mystery Photo from the family album). Sadly we have no catalogue entry for this one. I do know though, that the lady with glasses on the far right is one of the Big T’s great aunts, and I believe the photo was probably taken in Dunedin, New Zealand.


17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: another costume mystery

  1. All the women seem to be about the same age, could it be some sort of debutante ball ceremony? It seems they’re wearing flowers, a May Day celebration?

    • Hi. I love this photo partly because I have absolutely no idea what it’s about — so I’m open to all suggestions. I was going to ask the aunt who gave us the photos if she has any ideas, but she’s in Wellington and with all the aftershocks from Monday’s earthquake, I suspect that helping me with family history is not high on her list of priorities at the moment!

        • Thanks. Sounds like the aftershocks have settled down a bit; but people are pretty on edge expecting “the big one.”

        • We all hope not, but after Christchurch we feel a bit like we’re living on borrowed time. Where I live in Auckland isn’t particularly earthquake-prone, but the city is built on 50+ volcanic cones – the newest of which is about 500 years old and is a very large island that’s visible from everywhere in the city. We live with the knowledge that we might wake up and find a volcano in the back yard; but knowing Aucklanders our main concern would be what it did to property prices πŸ™‚

        • I imagine they’d go up in smoke. (sorry about that – couldn’t resist. Got to laugh to keep from going totally insane.) I don’t think I’d sleep very well at night, honestly!!

        • Haha; love it πŸ™‚ We’d probably all be trying to get planning permission to build apartment blocks on the new slopes – before the lava was even cold. I’ve always loved humour in adversity. I think the Brits do it wonderfully.

        • Funny you should say that – My mother used to say all the British in our family came out in me (only she wasn’t saying it as a compliment)

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