10 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: it’s too hot to go outside

    • Definitely not Melbourne hot! We’re getting the dust from the bushfires; our spectacular sunsets coming at a very high cost for our neighbours.

    • Oh good grief! I’ve never been to Florida, but I imagined constant sunshine and warmth (in fact I imagine it to be just like Brisbane in Australia). Hope your houses are designed for colder weather too. πŸ™‚

      • No problem. It’s not like in the 50’s when houses were without heat because we were supposed to be sunny 24/7. Above W.Palm Beach you can even find them with fireplaces. But this weather never lasts very long, so nothing to worry about. Thanks for asking.

    • Glad you’re not too cold. I’m amazed at how many older NZ houses still lack insulation and heating. Some of the student flats I lived in were freezing over winter.

    • Hi Laura, hope you get a bit of respite from the weather soon. I love snow – but say that as one who has only seldom had to live with the reality of it since I was a very small child. Stay warm πŸ™‚

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