Six word Saturday: running late for the Saturday matinee

mum sandra and cousin going to movies c 1949

Sandra and Elizabeth (my mum) Ramsay with their cousin Margaret Cruden. Kirkcaldy High Street. Late 1940s?

Hurry: Roy Rogers waits for no-one


14 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: running late for the Saturday matinee

  1. This is a simply amazing photo! I love it! I remember my mom saying (around same time period, but in Kalamazoo haha) that the movies was something like 25 cents (quarter of a dollar) at the time. And they went every weekend, walking a couple miles to get there each way.

    • I love this photo too. My mum looks so determined. I guess it was taken by a street photographer; it reminds me of a few other family photos I have that would have been taken around the same time – and definitely the same place. When I was a kid in the early ’70s the Saturday matinee here in NZ was about 25 cents. I used to take my younger brother and a couple of the neighborhood kids to the cinema about 2 miles from home. We were given money for the bus, but we used to walk so we’d have more to spend on sweets. Afterwards, my dad picked us up on the way home from work. The cinema was in the same village as the naval base, so there were hoardes of Navy/Dockyard kids like us waiting outside the movies for our dads – all on sugar highs and noisily recreating whatever we’d seen on the screen. I wonder now what the life expectancy of the cinema managers was in those days! Thanks for stopping by; great to talk to you as always.

  2. What a wonderful family treasure! Will you be retouching it? And too bad there is not one car in the background. If there was, there was a chance the approximate year it was taken could have been sought out.

    • Thank you. I’m not sure if I will re-touch the photo – I quite like the creased, crumpled look. My mother has written on the back of many of the photos she gave me so that I would know who is in them, but in most cases she hasn’t written a date. I think she will probably be able to date this from the clothes she was wearing and perhaps her memory of the photo being taken.

    • 🙂 Both my parents have talked about going to the cinema every week to see Roy Rogers. I guess the films were serialised or something? I’m sure my dad has a signed photo somewhere – or at least he used to have one. When I was a kid, they played The Famous Five in serial form on Saturday matinees. I was never an Enid Blyton fan though.

      • I was a fan myself. My father took me to see him in person at the rodeo in Madison Square Garden, NY. Ended up being as close to him as I am now to my computer screen.

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