Who but not why?

Found in an album of photos from the Big T's aunt. I think the woman fifth from the right might be another aunt.

Misses McPhail, Chittock, Joan Whitefield, Lorna Cummings, Mrs Smith, Myra Aitken, Mesdames Dickens, Aitken, Blaikie, Whitefield and Donald. WDFF Waikaka Valley WDFF, Fancy Dress Day – 1950

Mystery solved? Sort of …

Well done everyone who spotted the likelihood of this photo showing women in period costume. It seems the picture was taken in 1950 and shows a group of women from the Waikaka Branch of the Women’s Division, Federated Farmers. The Big T’s mother’s family farmed in Waikaka from the late 19th century until very recently, although I don’t recognise any of the names above as belonging to family members.

So although I know who the women in the photo are, I’m not sure why it was in the family album. Another mystery perhaps, of just one of those things?

8 thoughts on “Who but not why?

    • The aunt who gave me the photos on CD had done a sort of catalogue. When I asked her about the picture, she sent it to me and once I’d figured out her referencing system, I got to the note she’d written. Now I have to ask her what, if any, relationship there is between the women in the photo and her family. No detective work on my part I’m afraid.

  1. Makes me smile to think of the many pictures of me dressed in period costume etc… which I’ve not yet bothered to title. Maybe I will, or maybe I won’t??? … The child in me laughs at the thought that “further down the track” some folks may be wondering what that pic may be about πŸ˜† Ooopsie… Naughty, naughty me… 😳

  2. Love the thought of future family historians “barking up the wrong tree” cos we’re having some fun with them now! πŸ™‚

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