6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: father of the bride (fifth and final time)

  1. This is an arresting shot, isn’t it; by no means the standard wedding shot Father looking pensive. Sandra shy, self-conscious? You want to know what’s going on in their minds instead of simply looking at the bridal gown.

    • Yes it is a bit unusual. I remember a similar one of my mother with her dad at her own wedding, but it seems to have been lost. Mum and I looked for it when I was visiting but without success. You’ve got me thinking now if they used the same photographer for both weddings. The photos I do have of mum’s wedding are quite unusual.

  2. Hi Su. surprise, surprise, its Aunt Sandra & Uncle Jim in Kirkcaldy. Your dad sent me an e-mail and told me off the update on your site. You have done a really good job. We were pleased to see the pic off our wedding at St. Serfs Church, long time ago. Sandra will have a look for photo’s, thinks she may have one off your mum and granddad on her wedding day, if so, I will send it to you. Hope this finds you all well, your dad and I keep things up to date from time to time with our e-mails, sorry be is not so well.
    Well Su, must go, look forward to more updates, will let David and Betty see the site later this month.
    Love to all
    Jim & Sandra.

    • Hi Uncle Jim and Aunt Sandra. Great to hear from you. Mum sent me your wedding pic a while ago and I thought it was just lovely. I don’t have many pics of Grandad, and it was a nice one of him too. All good here; nice to be back in touch. Much love xx

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