Tombstone Tuesday: a Nicholson in Dysart

I’ve spent a lot of time in Dysart cemetary this last week and have now visited the graves of my grandparents, two sets of great-grandparents and my older brother.

I also found this headstone, of my great grand uncle David Nicholson, and his wife Mary Ann Warry.

The inscription is simple:

“In memory of David Nicholson died 16th January 1946 and his wife Mary Ann Clementine Warry died ? November 1934”


9 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday: a Nicholson in Dysart

  1. Hi Su,
    Only recently came across your blog and it would appear that you and I are 3rd Cousins once removed as my Great Grandfather, Alexander Gerrard, was the younger brother of the Mary Gerrard that married Rankine Gourlay, your Great Grandparents.
    You have as much information on Rankine and Mary as I have so I am unable to help you in any way with further research but it was good to discover your blog and of course it is also nice to discover other relatives no matter how distant.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.
    John Alexander Allan Gerrard.

    • Hi John. Thanks so much for getting in touch; it’s brilliant to meet a new cousin – as you say, no matter how distant. I’m having a brilliant time here – last week I spent a morning at the Fife Archives with Rankine Gourlay’s patient records from the Fife and Kinross Lunatic Asylum – and got a whole new appreciation for how hard Mary Gerrard’s life must have been. Now I’m at my younger brother’s getting to know my new nephew.

      Are you in Scotland?


    • Hi

      Read your exchange Su and John. Margaret Gerrard, an older sister of Mary and Alexander, was my Great Grandmother. She married and lived in Glasgow.

      Anne Turner

      • Hi Anne. Lovely to hear from you. I’ve not encountered any other descendents, from any other branch of the family, so it wonderful to hear from both John and you. Are you living in Scotland?

  2. Hi Su

    Thank you for your reply.

    In answer to your question, yes I do live in Scotland, on the outskirts of Glasgow.
    I am currently researching the family and children of Isabella and Alexander Gerrard who
    lived in Abbotshall in Fife.


    Anne Turner

  3. Hi Anne. As you probably know, Mary Gerrard was my great, great grandmother. I don’t have a great deal of information about her, but am happy to share what I do have with you, if it is of interest. I live in New Zealand, so am very dependent on information that’s online, although I did have a trip back to Scotland recently which helped me fill in a few gaps. Mary Gerrard’s husband was an interesting character and has been my “hook” into that family. Please let me know if I can help in anyway. Regards, Su.

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