12 thoughts on “Six word Saturday: maternal bonds

    • I know; and it doesn’t end there. I had to pick up my cousin’s daughter – whom I’d never met before – from an address I couldn’t quite remember, but knew I was in the right place when I saw a young woman who looked exactly like one of my aunts sitting on a front porch. I think our family took Scots’ frugality a step too far and only bought one set of facial features which we’ve shared amongst ourselves for a couple of generations. My son is currently the image of my maternal grandfather! It’s such a shame my grandmother isn’t here to see it.:-)

      • I love it when the whole family get together and you can grab a photo of several generations. My grandmother died a few years ago but I’ve got a photo from my 40th birthday with her, my mother, myself and my daughter… four generations, it’s a wonderful photo I treasure. You should get another with you and your mum this time round, then post it with the two above πŸ™‚

        • What a treasure!

          I have a few photos of my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and me when I was very young, but was thinking as I posted those photos that I need a new one of Mum and me. The last one was taken at my brother’s wedding seven years ago.

          A few years ago Mum gave me a picture of her mother, older brother, grandfather, great grandmother and great, great grandmother (taken in about 1930) which has pride of place in my “family photo gallery.” I also have one – taken in Melboure a few years ago of my mum, son and I with (Ill try and get this right) my mum’s cousin’s wife and her two daughters, the daughter of another cousin and my mum’s cousin’s grandson – who is exactly a day older than my son. it was lovely that the two little boys living in Australia and New Zealand – who share a common set of great, great grandparents – got to meet, if only for a couple of days.

      • Wonderful! It’s great looking through old family photos and hearing the history behind them all… one day (hopefully) we’ll be doing that for our great, great grandchildren! πŸ™‚

        Have a wonderful time with your Mum and the rest of your family!

  1. Family photos are so precious. And what a lovely reunion you;re about to have.

    I met up with someone in Aberdeenshire some years ago who I was related to but had never met. I knew it was him as soon as he walked into the hotel foyer as looked so like my Fraser grandfather.

    • Thanks Judy. I’m hoping to get lots of new family photos while I’m away; just have to hope my internet connection works so I can keep blogging πŸ™‚

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