Wordless Wesnesday: another mystery man? Or the same man in another country?

wordless wednesday

Once again, I’m wordless. Another mystery man from Aunt Dorothy’s DVD of family photos.  He looks like last week’s Wordless Wednesday man? The same chap relocated to Melbourne? His brother? Or another member of an extended family with a strong resemblance (like me and my Ramsay-descendent cousins)?

What do you think? I’d love to know – especially anyone with some knowledge of fashion and/or photography in Australia and New Zealand.


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wesnesday: another mystery man? Or the same man in another country?

  1. I hope you get your answers. The world is full of unidentified photos. I inherited a suitcaseful from my mother. She’d written on the backs of some of them who they were and I recognised a few, but the others will stay anonymous.

    • Thanks. I’m hopeful, partly because having seen the likeness in the two photos, I have a suspicion I know who the man is. That at least means I can try and work out when they might have been taken and it may be that either of the photographic studios have records.

      I have very few photos from my family, so am enjoying studying those of my partner’s folks.

      Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

  2. The cane is interesting isn’t it? Almost like a riding crop at the handle end – but too long I guess to be a crop. A young man out to impress certainly! Good luck with the search.

  3. I hadn’t noticed that Tish! This is definitely a mystery I want to tackle when I get back. Am thinking that a trip to Melbourne might be in order. Two birds … one stone – I always need a holiday when I get back from a holiday.

  4. hmmm… I’ve been flipping backward and forward between the two posts Su and I can’t say that they’re the same man… but maybe there’s a family resemblance???
    Sorry to not be of much help at all…

  5. Hi Catherine; I saw a resemblance in the jawline, and thought the first “mystery man” looked like an older version of the second. The photos are from my partner’s mother’s family. I suspect the Melbourne man is the brother of my partner’s great grandmother. We think he left his wife and children in Southland and moved to Melbourne, but it’s all a bit vague. Members of that family seemed to have a propensity to disappear from their marriages. Lots to investigate – and I can see a trip to Melbourne will be “needed” when I get back from the UK! Thanks for looking at them with a fresh pair of eyes. Your comments always welcome.

  6. Thanks Lynne. I intend to enjoy every minute of it. Now if only I can get the company accounts done, my son’s new bus pass sorted, a decision on a new client logo, buy a new bag and some gifts for the rellies …. 🙂

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