I can do better than that …

This is my favourite Ancestry.com.au ad – I get his delight, only mine is doubled!

Excited by the amount of information I found in my 2 x great grandmother’s will, I decided to see if any other members of the family had an estate to leave. Seems Susan Forbes was not the only canny Scot in my past. Susan’s father David Forbes  also left a will; and a considerable estate which seems to include quite a lot of land and a brewery!

A publican, spirit merchant and manufacturer (of beer or whiskey by the looks of it), David Forbes died in 1861 of liver disease (not surprisingly).

When I found the census return that described him as a “publican” it reminded me of this Ancestry.com.au ad – only I can do better than that.  I’ve now found two publicans in the family; my 3x great grandfather David Forbes (paternal line) and my great grandfather Alexander Cruden (maternal line).



9 thoughts on “I can do better than that …

  1. I too have publicans, in Worsbrough, and have now visited one of the coaching inns they ran, seen another from the outside (it’s doesn’t look particularly welcoming these days) and seen the site where the third one was. The careers of my coaching inn ancestors were dashed, however, when first a new toll road was built and secondly the railways came along.

    I was interested in the Ancestry ad, though: I have McInerney ancestors who I cannot trace. I wonder if one of them migrated and opened a pub?!?!?

    • Wouldn’t that be great if they appeared in an Australian ad!! The pub my great grandfather had was for sale a while ago and my partner was all for buying it and moving back to the UK to run it. An engineer and an archivist buy a pub … Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Still, we did meet in a pub .. And have plenty of experience on the other side of the bar.

  2. Good one, Su Leslie… Great work!
    I don’t know if you have an Ancestry subscription… but thought I should mention that an annual subscription to Ancestry World Heritage (with all the bells and whistles), through the Australian site, costs twice as much as it would if you purchased it through the UK Ancestry site.
    Exact same info!!! … Cheerio for now.

    • Hi Catherine, thanks for that. I don’t have an Ancestry subscription at the moment. I use the public library’s because so many of my ancestors are Scottish that almost everything I’ve wanted so far has been on Scotland’s People. I have been thinking about it though, and will certainly go to the UK site. Thanks!

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