First time in the 18th century

Dysart Harbour

Dysart Harbour

Finally found my first ancestor from the 18th century. The 1851 census record from Scotland’s People shows that my 4x great grandfather, James Todd, was living in Country Road, Dysart, Fife with his widowed daughter, Mary Todd (my 3x great grandmother), along with eight of the nine children Mary bore to husband Alexander Nicholson.

It looks like James Todd was born in 1777 in Dysart. That means that I’ve had family living continuously in the same place for over 230 years.

Alexander Nicholson was also born in Dysart, so it will be interesting to see how firmly I am rooted in that place.

6 thoughts on “First time in the 18th century

  1. Thanks. I’m really chuffed; and particularly so to find so many ancestors in Dysart. I lived there as a small child so know the landscape and believe that there are good church records.

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