Another wedding

Wedding portrait; Isabella Lietze and Arthur Dove

Again, not my biological family – but the the wedding portrait of my partner’s maternal grandparents, circa 1920. While Tony never knew his grandfather, who died in 943, he does have cherished memories of his grandmother who lived nearby when he was growing up.


5 thoughts on “Another wedding

  1. Su,
    I have so enjoyed reading your posts on kisses and weddings. I have been busy with work and visitors and have had to put my family trees to the side. However, once again, your blogs have inspired me to get back into it.

    I have been avoiding the family history of my ex-husband’s family even though I already have lots of information given to me some time ago and I want to organise it for my children. I suppose because I have been so intent on solving my own family history puzzles, I wasn’t too interested. However, your wedding photos reminded me of a lovely wedding photo I had in the pile of photos from my children’s father’s family and I went looking for it. Not only did I find it but I started putting down what information I have on the family and blogged about the wedding photo!

    So thank you. Your photos of a kiss was a fun and interesting way to acknowledge a relationship; a relationship that forms part of your son’s family history. I thought about the photo for a while and kept looking at it. It was a wonderful way to introduce your blogs on love and kisses and weddings…and families.

    Well done! And thank you again for an enjoyable and interesting read and for once more motivating me to look at my own family.


    • Hi Lynn,

      Thanks so much for your comments – I often think of your stories when I’m writing my own, and hope you will read my musings. The more I research, the more I become aware of the opportunities I didn’t even realise I’d missed by not asking my grandmother and aunts more questions, so I’m determined that if my son or his future family ever become interested in their past, it won’t be so difficult for them. And part of that is acknowledging that history is being made now – by us.

      I’ve had to enlist my mum’s help a bit lately, and I’m really conscious that I’m asking her about my dad’s family. My parents have been divorced for about 25 years, and she’s been amazingly helpful considering.

      Thank you again; and I’m glad you’re motivated to do some more research. I’m looking forward to reading more about your family.


  2. Dear Su,

    Old pictures of people are just amazing and the one in your blog is beautiful. they are so elegant!

    I would spend hours (I do actually!) going through pictures! I love the old picture of Paris (my City), as I know the places and I am just wondering where all the people are heading to, what became of them etc.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you Romain. I also love old photographs. I have very few of my own family, but have been fortunate that my partner’s aunt has collected, scanned and shared many of his family. Like you, I also love photos of places I recognise and find myself imagining lives for the people in them. I was recently in Wellington, NZ, and noticed someone had put several photos of the city from the 1920s on a blog. I couldn’t help wandering around looking for the exact spots where those photos were taken and trying to recreate them. It was fun, but frustrating; the city has changed so much, with so many elegant old buildings replaced by ugly new ones. Such a shame as New Zealand is a relatively “young” country anyway! It’s a lovely feeling recognising on a photo or film a place you have visited. We were recently watching a film where the action was shot on the Rue de Castiglione, and my son got very excited because he remembered staying in a hotel there when he was younger and could tell the friend he was with about his trip to Paris!

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