ANZAC Illuminations at the Auckland Museum

Have been meaning to write about this for the last couple of weeks. Am continually impressed by how many people turn out for the ANZAC Day commemorations, and how it has become a focus for national identity. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is home to the Cenotaph in Auckland, so has long been a key site for visitors.

In the last few years, the museum has also staged the Illuminations – war footage drawn from the National Archives and projected on the front wall of the museum for several nights before ANZAC Day. A couple of years ago it was footage from the trenches in WWI, this year footage from 24 Battalion during WWII. It is incredibly moving to watch these grainy images projected against the enormous museum facade, and to sit, with the hundreds of other Aucklanders who bring blankets, cushions and even chairs to share the event.

Thank you to Auckland Musuem for this , and thanks also to film-maker Gaylene Preston who has produced the last two years’ Illuminations.


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